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Explore the captivating charm of Lomo in Butte County, California, where a rich agricultural heritage and diverse landscapes define an inviting lifestyle. Just a stone’s throw from bustling Chico, residents revel in convenient access to outdoor delights at Lake Oroville, all under the region’s delightful Mediterranean climate.
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Lomo and its neighboring communities are vibrant hubs of community spirit, hosting engaging local events that weave together nature, history, and a warm sense of belonging, creating a unique and fulfilling living environment in Butte County.

In Lomo, Butte County, California, where outdoor living thrives amidst diverse landscapes, Royal Aire is the trusted HVAC partner. Our commitment extends beyond temperature control to enhancing home comfort year-round and understanding the unique climate demands of the region. Whether it’s heating and A/C maintenance, repairs, installations, solar solutions, water heaters, or water softeners with reverse osmosis water treatment expertise, Royal Aire ensures homes stay cozy and efficient.

We’re available 24/7, serving not just Lomo but also Chico and its surroundings, aligning seamlessly with the community’s spirit and contributing to the well-being of households in this agriculturally rich area. Partner with Royal Aire for personalized care that harmonizes with the distinctive lifestyle and historical charm of Butte County, blending comfort and community for every home.

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