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Take Control of Your Utility Bill & Save with Solar

Know The Benefits Of Owning Solar


Investing early can save you money on your rising electricity bill. The panels & electronics are initially pricey, but you are already paying to stay on the grid. Most homes break even in about 7 years when they buy a solar system.


Solar Federal Tax Credits are extended until 12/31/2022 at 30% to reduce installation costs. Get a jump on it today!


Wonder how your highway robbery rates ever got past the P.U.C.? Is your electric bill increasing for each kilowatt hour you use? Need we say more? Get away from the grid today!

Quality Workmanship

Our workman are some of the best in the business. They are thoroughly cleared, vetted and trained. They have all the materials on their equipment trucks. A blueprint layout of your system, a shade report and other site plans are all worked out BEFORE we start any installation. Each home is thoroughly inspected, and a permit is pulled and inspected on each job. You can count on our processes because we have been doing this for years. We KNOW what we’re doing.

solar panel advantages

Why Solar?


Drastically reduce your energy costs


Add equity to your home


Low or $0 Money Down


Monthly Payment Option


Up to 30% Tax Credits

Experience Comfort

Is your PG&E bill getting you down? Even though there are several Solar companies out there, at Royal Aire and Solar, we’ve got decades of experience helping homeowners like you be more comfortable in their homes, and save money on their utilities.

Solar Heater For Homes


• Be independent of PG&E’s ups and downs
• Keep the power you earned from your solar panels
• If Grid goes down – your battery system will activate automatically
• Automatically sends excess power from solar panels to your battery back-up system

Harness the Power of the Sun and Rein in Your Electric Bills in Northern California with Solar Panels

Northern California has a lot of great things to see and do, and a lot of sunshine to go with it. Harness that solar energy with a solar power system. Not only will you save money on your electric bills, you’ll also add value to your home when you’re ready to sell. You’ll be able to enjoy the great views from your back deck along with the great view of a reduced energy bill every month. That’s a view anyone would enjoy!

Solar Energy Systems Tailored to Your Needs

Since no two homes are the same, neither are a homeowner’s power needs. Some use more than others, some use less. No matter what your situation, your Northern California solar installer can design a system that will be exactly what you need. Their solar energy experts will take precise measurements, discuss your current and future energy needs, look at any shady areas, how your house is oriented (North-South, East-West, or somewhere in between), and any other factors that may affect your system’s performance.

Battery Storage Systems

You can store the energy generated by your solar energy system with a home battery storage system. They can be tailored to your needs and budget. They’ll help when the power goes out and at night. Given PG&E’s issues with delivery outages, this will help give you peace of mind. And keep your food cold.


Get Your System for Low or No Money Down

Worried about the cost of a solar energy system? Don’t be. There are ways to purchase your system for little or no money down, with affordable monthly payments. Your local Northern California solar installer has plans to suit most budgets. The savings you have on your electric bill will help pay for the cost of your solar energy system. That’s the beauty of a solar energy system. What you would have paid to the electric utility will help cover (if not completely cover) the monthly payment on your solar energy system. That will free up your budget for other things, such as home improvements, a nice vacation, or whatever you want to do. It’s your money!

Long Term Savings

Since solar panels have a general lifespan of 25-30 years, you’ll be able to save money for a LONG time. While solar panels will lose some efficiency as they age (it’s a fact of life), they will still function at a high level for 25 years or more. To keep them functioning at their peak efficiency, no matter how old they are, some basic maintenance, like regular cleaning, will keep them working properly. Your Northern California solar company can give you tips for maintenance that you can do and if necessary, perform any needed repairs, such as replacing malfunctioning inverters, replace damaged panels, and so on.

FREE Professional Home Evaluation & Inspection

Isn’t now a good time to at least find out how a solar array on your home can help your budget, make you more energy independent, and increase the value of your home? Please give us a call at (530) 899-9999 and we’ll come out to visit, measure and give you the details for your home solar project. You might as well know, rather than wonder what all this solar hype is about!

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