Water Heating

One of the essentials for a comfortable life is a hot water. How you get your hot water, is not a normal dinner conversation. And yet… thinking about the efficiency of your water heater, can make a difference in your PG & E bill.

For Example
In a conventional gas storage water heater

Less than 50% of the fuel energy reaches the point of use.
New high-efficient water heaters can help reduce this excess heat loss…

For Example: The minimum efficiency of electric tankless water heaters is about 90% (depending on tank volume), and the best units available are 95% efficient.

So if you have teenagers… you may want to look at your water heater efficiency to save on your utility bill.

The good news, is that even tank water heaters have improved in efficiency.
Either way, Royal Aire’s professional crew of trained technicians can have you in the “Just Right” temperature water, in less than a day.

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