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Plumas Lake

Discover the charm of Plumas Lake, a family-friendly town with a well-planned community layout. Originally designed as a master-planned community, it features green spaces, parks, and recreational areas fostering a strong sense of community.


With essential services, schools, and shopping centers conveniently located, Plumas Lake offers more than just a home – it’s a harmonious living environment that meets the needs of a dynamic and growing community.

Royal Aire is your go-to HVAC expert. Offering a range of services from heating and cooling solutions to indoor air quality improvements, Royal Aire goes beyond the ordinary to enhance your living experience. Our dedicated team ensures homes stay comfortable year-round.

Whether it’s installing efficient HVAC systems, providing regular maintenance, or optimizing indoor air quality, Royal Aire is your trusted partner for a seamless and enjoyable lifestyle in Plumas Lake.

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