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Pulga, a charming unincorporated community in Butte County, California, offers homeowners a tranquil haven along the banks of the Feather River. The town’s appeal lies in its close proximity to the river, providing residents with stunning views and opportunities for outdoor recreation.
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With the Feather River at their doorstep, homeowners can indulge in fishing and boating, immersing themselves in the natural beauty of the surrounding landscapes. Pulga’s serene environment, surrounded by forests and mountains, creates an idyllic setting for those seeking a peaceful and picturesque place to call home.
Nestled in Pulga, Butte County’s gem, Royal Aire offers top-tier HVAC services for a serene lifestyle. We’re your go-to experts for heating & A/C maintenance, repair, and installation, guaranteeing year-round comfort. Our skilled technicians tailor solutions to Butte County’s unique climate, ensuring optimal indoor conditions no matter the season.
Beyond HVAC, we specialize in solar, water heaters, and water treatment, including reverse osmosis systems. With 24/7 service, Royal Aire ensures your home remains a tranquil haven amidst Pulga’s scenic beauty, backed by reliable and efficient solutions designed for this picturesque locale.

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